Our Mission: 

Here at Natural Herbal Labs, we formulate and manufacture premium, organic herbal health products.
It is our Ultimate Goal to change your life one herbal product at a time. 
Our products are formulated to naturally and organically help improve a person's quality of life and are all based on Traditional Herbal Remedies
Many of these herbal remedies have been used for centuries to help the body naturally *heal and *restore itself. 
If you have any questions or concerns about which product may be the best for you, based on your specific health need, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 
We are here to assist you and answer any questions you may have.  

Founders Story

Growing up, Founder and CEO, Leighton Edwards, suffered from a scalp condition for almost a year that was resistant to all treatments prescribed by many doctors. 
Seeing this, one of the elders in his neighborhood, who was known to be a "Herbal Healer", suggested that his mother use a wild plant (Aloe Vera) on his scalp.
Having seen her son suffer long enough, his mother sought out the Aloe Vera plant and treated his scalp with it, per the neighbor’s instructions.
Within a few days of using the Aloe Vera plant, his condition was healed.  
This childhood experience would shape Leighton’s approach to medicine for the rest of his life.  It prompted him to research and utilize natural remedies as his first course of action wherever possible.   
Even a few years later, when he caught chicken pox, he used the leaves of the tamarind tree to help soothe and heal his body. 
Decades later, after migrating to the United States Leighton launched a successful career as a Natural Body Builder and Fitness Instructor. 
His fellow body builders were often in awe of his ability to maintain his award-winning physique and his fitness students wanted faster and enhanced results.
When asked about his secret, or about how he was achieving such excellent results they would always be amazed when he listed the ingredients in a herbal tea he was making for himself.  They couldn't understand how only a few herbs were helping him achieve such results. 
Seeing their interest, Leighton got the idea to launch his first product and call it - "THE FLATBELLY TEA" 
The Original Flatbelly Tea was an all-natural diuretic & colon cleanse that would help individuals lose excess body and water weight.   
Since then, The Flatbelly Tea has evolved and now includes additional herbal ingredients that help improve one's overall health.  
Today the company has expanded and is the leading manufacturer of several Natural Herbal Health Supplements that are sold worldwide. 
The Company is now known as - NATURAL HERBAL LABS.