Herbodent 7 in 1 Neem Toothpaste - 6.5oz

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Neem 7 in 1 is a combination of 5 herbs with XYLITOL & Baking Soda.

A Unique formulation by Dr. Jaikaran with 5 herbs. Neem a well known Anti bacterial herb for gum care benefits.

Clove is known for gum protection, gum strengthening & household toothache remedy

Black Seed known for its anti-germ properties.

Freshness of Cardamom & Mint gives a longer lasting pleasant feel. NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Herbodent Neem 7 in 1 toothpaste is crafted without harsh chemicals such as parabens, fluoride and triclosan. But it does contain SLS to ensure good foaming power. Good foaming is essential for good cleaning.

Herbodent NEEM 7 in 1 toothpaste is an excellent combination of XYLITOL & Baking Soda with Organic Neem, Organic Cardamom, Organic Clove, Organic Black Seed & Organic Mint. Xylitol takes care of tooth decay & cavities while Baking Soda ensures deep cleaning of teeth.

Organic herbs like Neem, Clove & Black seed give you power to fight dental problems while Cardamom & Mint gives you natural long lasting freshness. In Short, Herbodent Neem 7 in 1 toothpaste with Xylitol gives you Excellent Cleaning, Great Taste, Long lasting Freshness with Complete Oral Care.