Adjustable Slimming Belly Wrap (with FREE 8oz Flatbelly Tea)

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This is the perfect waist/belly wrap for you if you are unsure of the size you should purchase, or if your weight fluctuates or if you intend to lose weight and not have to buy many different sizes.

  • Our waist/belly wrap band is perfect for cinching the waist, providing excellent back support, "snatching" the waist, losing weight, correcting posture, postpartum recovery or post abdominal surgery and to show your curve by helping to improve thermal activity and sweating!
  • Our waist/belly trainers are made from super stretch comfortable, breathable, non-slip fabric.  They are crafted with Velcro and elastic material which makes the bandage wrap more comfortable, flexible and adjustable.
  • Our belly wraps allow you to snatch your waist accordingly.
  • You can wear our wrap all day long. It will help you look slimmer & burn belly fat.  It does not show under your clothes which makes our wrap very reliable and comfortable to wear.
  • Our waist/belly wrap is 5.1 inches wide, which makes it wide enough to cover your stomach and slim your waist easily, without having excess fatty areas poking out at the top or the bottom of the wrap.  In addition, this waist/belly wrap band can adjust to whatever size you are.

Our waist/belly wrap is suitable for both men and women and for all body types.

There Are Two Size Options:

* Length: 4 M/13.1FT - Wide 13cm/5.1inch 

* Length: 5 M/16.4FT - Wide 13cm/5.1inch (Plus Size)

The length is so that you can adjust the slimming waist/belly band to your comfort level (as high or as low and as tight as you would like).


Disclaimer: Please make sure that you are able to breathe properly once wrapped.