Wholesale Accounts

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We offer wholesale accounts to Business Owners and Individuals that sell online or in their personal brick and mortar stores.   

We also offer:

* International Wholesale Accounts to International Business Owners.  

* Distributor or Distribution Accounts to Distributors that re-sell Wholesale items to other Businesses.  (*Pallet Purchase Only)

If you have a store or an online business and would like to carry our products, please send an email to Sales@NaturalHerbalLabs.com.

In your email to Sales@NaturalHerbalLabs.com please include: 

  • your business name
  • your first and last name
  • your business address (if you own multiple locations, please provide the address to the main location that will be used for delivery purposes).
  • your business website (if any)
  • let us know if you sell to your customers online or in person. 

* Please Note that we will NOT discuss prices without the requested information.

Once we have received the requested information, our wholesale accounts manager will reach out to you within 24 hours of your email.  

You can also contact us at (866)515-2945, if you have any additional questions.