Flatbelly Tea

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Traditionally the use of special herbs, such as Senna, Dandelion, Burdock, spices and apple cider vinegar have been used to help you achieve weight loss goals, maintain a healthy digestive system, along with detoxifying your body and vital organs, such as the Stomach, the Colon and the Liver.  

The Flatbelly Tea is a natural fat burner that will help with weight management, , reducing bloat, reducing water retention, constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  In addition, this tea will boost your metabolism, energy levels, and increase your alertness and focus.



Take 4 - 6oz every 3 days or once a week depending on your personal goal. OR as directed by your health care practitioner. 

This product must be REFRIGERATED AFTER OPENING.  Make sure that cap is tightly secured at all times.

We highly recommend that you also take a PROBIOTIC when detoxing.  A Probiotic will help with digestion and replenish the healthy enzymes removed during your detox. 

Our Suggested probiotic is:  Pure Liquid Spirulina – Natural Herbal Labs

Taste and color may vary from batch to batch.  This does not affect the Quality or Benefits of the product. 



Q:  Since we have to take this supplement on an empty stomach, when can we or should we eat?
A:  We recommend that you eat 90 minutes before or after taking this supplement.

Q:  Should I work out while taking this supplement?
A:  Working out while taking this supplement will enhance your results and overall health.

Q:  Should I be on a special diet while taking this supplement?
A: No, not necessarily; However, eating healthy is always recommended.  Most importantly, eating fruits and vegetables high in fiber, drinking a fair amount of water and limiting carbonated drinks will help enhance your results.

Q:  How soon will I start to see results?
A:  Remember, we are all different and our bodies will respond differently!!!   Typically, most people start to see results after 3 weeks. Depending on how often you decide to drink The Flatbelly Tea you can see results after 3-4 bottles.

Q:  Does The Flatbelly Tea come in pill or tea bag form?
A:  NO. Our supplements only available in liquid form.  It tastes similar to black tea.

Q:  Do I have to dilute this tea?
A:  NO. This tea is ready to consume as is. Just pour 6oz and drink.

Q:  Do I have to drink this hot? or Cold?
A:  This is personal preference.  Room temperature is fine, but if you prefer to drink it hot vs cold that is also ok.

Q:  Can I take this if I am taking medication for a health issue?
A:  We recommend that you always consult with your Physician prior to taking any supplement. 

Q:  How fast does it work?
A:  Everyone's body will respond differently to this supplement.  However, it will work for most people within 4-6 hours of consuming the recommended dosage (6oz).

Q:  Where is this supplement made?
A:  This supplement is manufactured and bottled in the USA.

Q:  What are the ingredients?
A: They are Oolong Tea Leaves, Peppermint Tea Leaves, Senna Leaves, Dandelion Root (Taraxacum), Dandelion Leaves, Slippery Elm Bark, Apple Cider Vinegar & Spices.

Q:  Does it really work?
A:  Yes, it does.  But don't take our word for it.  You can look up the health benefits of the ingredients listed.

Q:  Is this a Natural Supplement?
A:  YES.  It is 100% Natural. GMO Free. Gluten Free. Contains NO Fruit Juice.

Q: Will I still lose weight if I don't work out or eat healthy?
A: YES, you will.  However, eating healthy and exercising will enhance your weight loss goals.