Feminine Care Pack (3PK)

Feminine Care Pack (3PK)

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Our Menstrual Formula is a traditional herbal blend that promotes healthy, normal cycles, while balancing the hormones and supporting a healthy female reproductive system. 

The ingredients in our formula have been traditionally used in herbal remedies for centuries and been scientifically proven to: 

- Provide PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) Support

- Help Improve Hormonal Imbalances

- Help Reduce Cravings associated with Hormone Imbalances

- Help Reduce Headaches

- Reduce Hormonal Acne

- Helps with Restlessness

- Helps with Irritability & Mood 

- Helps Reduce Breast Tenderness & Sensitivity

Science has proven that Chlorophyll has anti-microbial properties and helps strengthen the immune system, along with: 

* Improving Red Blood Cell Production         

* Improving Liver Health              

* Reducing Yeast Infections                       

* Reducing Vaginal Odors                                       

* Reducing Insomnia


* Kidney stones                     

* Normal blood clotting

* Wound healing                         

* Maintaining hormonal balance

* Deodorizing the body               

* Detoxification               


It contains protein, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin C, Vitamin D2 and vitamin D3, vitamin E, and vitamin K.  It also contains calcium, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, boron, beta-carotene, potassium, carotene, iron, and zinc.


Spirulina is a potent, natural superfood that is a great source of nutrients and is very essential for the human body. 

Taking Spirulina as a Daily Supplement will be beneficial to an individual's overall health. 

  • Detoxifies Heavy Metals from the Body
  • Vaccine Detox*
  • Improves Gut Health
  • Purifies the Blood
  • Helps with Healthy and Natual Weight Loss
  • Supports Brain Health
  • Improves Cholesterol 
  • Aids in Blood Sugar Control
  • Contains a powerful Plant-based Protein called Phycocyanin
  • Pain relief
  • Promotes Healthy and Thick hair growth
  • Contains Anti-Inflammatory effects