Complete Thyroid - Detox & Revive Pack

Complete Thyroid - Detox & Revive Pack

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In some cases, there may be some maintenance work that needs to be done in order to help our bodies function the way that it should.   

As a result, this pack will help those with certain Thyroid Issues. 

(If you are not too sure if this combination of products would be the best to help you to address your Thyroid Issues, please reach out to us for a consultation to discuss your personal health and receive a recommendation on a personalized health regimen just for you and your needs) .  


Step 1:  

* Detox with The Flatbelly Tea (drink 6oz,1 - 2 times per week). 

You should complete 2 doses prior to starting Step #2. 

* Drink the Liquid Spirulina 2 times Daily.   This will act as your  Daily Probiotic, restoring healthy gut bacteria, to help with digestion and limit bloating during your Flatbelly tea detox.   The Spirulina will also help get rid of excess heavy metals in your body.  

Step 2:

Start taking the Liquid Elderberry Zinc Blend & The Super-C Turmeric on a daily basis to help Reduce Inflammation & Boost your Immune System.  

Step 3:

After inflammation is under control.   You can start taking the Thyroid Formula & along with the Super-C Turmeric, to help with proper Thyroid Function & reducing the size of Goiter and/or Nodules on the Thyroid Gland.